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The Science Behind and contract research organisation Simbec-Orion jointly hosted a free webinar on Wednesday 19th January 2022 on Embedding Neuroscience Techniques to Measure Target Engagement in First-In-Human (FIH) Clinical Trials.

This webinar provides an overview of the utility of neuroscience techniques, specifically Pharmaco TMS, and focused on electrodiagnostic markers (EDMs)- a combination of TMS and EMG and/or EMG in comparison to more traditional biomarkers. Through the use of examples, delegates are given an understanding of the benefits of EDMs and how they can provide the valuable insights needed to build a detailed picture of the CNS effects of drug candidates.

The speakers include post-doctoral fellow at Trinity College Dublin Dr Roisin McMackin, Dr Simon Hutchings, Director of Pharmacology at Simbec-Orion and Tonia Smreczak, Managing Director of The Science Behind.

To view this on-demand webinar on X-Talks, click here (registration or login may be required)