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Our team is made up of experienced project managers and scientific researchers in the neuroscience, neurology and psychology fields and includes neuro-pharmacology. When it comes to integrating neuroscience into your clinical trial you can count on us to be able to support in the following ways:

  • Protocol design and writing
  • Ethics committee activities including communications, document preparation, attendance to meetings.
  • Project management
  • Study Conduct.
  • Data acquisition
  • Data entry
  • Data interpretation (per subject)
  • Annotation of CRF.
  • Preparation of plan for statistical analysis
  • Statistical analysis of neuroscientific data.
  • Preparation of study protocol
  • Volunteer information documentation
  • Consent forms
  • Writing CSR
  • Scientific dissemination.


The Science Behind can help Sponsors and CROs with some of these challenges in Phase 1 trials by providing the tools and specialist expertise to answer key questions in relation to safety and efficacy when bringing novel drug candidates to human clinical trials.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - Electro Diagnostic Markers
Electroencephalography & Electromyography